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Prof. J. Stephen Lansing

“The Balinese would like a word...”
Video of plenary le​​cture to NSF Long Term Ecological Research (52 minutes)
Perfect Order
Long Now Foundation (78 minutes)​
Water temples forever!
(15 minutes)

The Goddess and the Computer
by J. Stephen Lansing and Andre Singer (58 minutes, 1988​)

The Three Worlds of Bali
from the Odyssey series (59 minutes, 1979​)
Poptech Iceland : the UNESCO World Heritage nomination for Bali’s subaks and temples
(20 minutes)​

Prof. Peter M. A. Sloot

fire11.png ​​​The Fire of Life
(11:29 minutes)
ICT thumbnail.jpg

(44:40 minutes)

The Kumbh Mela Experiment
(04:51 ​minutes)​
​Fascinating ​Science
(8:32 minutes)


The Netherlands from a Slime Mold perspective
(0:38 minutes)
peter.JPG A Complex World from a Virus' Point of View
(1:36:01 minutes)
peter.JPG Analysing and Simulating Criminal Networks​
(10:32 minutes)​​​
peter.JPG Documentaire Local Science Peter Sloot over Cellulaire Automaten
(26:10 minutes)
peter.JPG Vara Documentary CAVE Virtual Reality
(2:32 minutes)​​​