2014 Grant Call for MOE AcRF Tier 1 (Seed Funding) on Complexity

Principal Investigator​ ​On-going Tier 1 Projects​​
Asst Prof. Zh​ang Yilei​
School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering​ (MAE)
The Role of Initial Attachment on Cluster Dynamics 
of Pseudomon as Aeruginosa Biofilm​

Asst Prof. Adam Douglas Switzer
School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS)
​Preparing Asian Mega Cities for Changing Climate and the Potential Increase in Extreme Sea Levels and Storm Surges​
Assoc Prof. Lescar Julien
School of Biological Sciences (SBS) 
Complexity in Virus Replication: How to Copy Genomic RNA Information with a Network of just Seven Proteins?

​Asst Prof. Erik Cambria
School of Computer En​gineering (SCE)​
​​Social Computational Analytics for Trend Discovery and Social Media Marketing

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