CI Research Staff

Markus Schläpfer.jpg Dr. ​Markus Schläpfer

Assistant Professor Adjunct​
School of Computer Science and Engineering

Principal Investigator, Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore-ETH Centre​​​

Research Interests: Urban complexity, data analytics​
Dr. Christopher Monterola 

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Complexity Institute

Principal Investigator, Institute of High Performance Computing


Research Interests: 
Complex Systems, Statistical and Computational Physics, Avalanche and Granular Dynamics​
Dr. Ruud Brands


Senior Research Fellow​​

Complexity Institute

Founder of Alloksys and AMRIF​​​ ​


​Research interests: Translational research of potential therapeutic entries into unmet medical needs, incl​​uding a novel influenza vaccin and a gate keeper protein(alkaline phosphate) to the innate immune system which has a wide range of clinical applications.
Dr. Guy S Jacobs

Research Fellow 
Complexity Institute


Research Interests: Relate to human evolutionary genetics and population dynamics, with an emphasis on understanding the relationship between microevolutionary processes and observed genomic patterns. 
Dr. ​Emiliano Mancini

Research Engineer 
Complexity Institute 

EEE/VIRTUS, IC Design Centre of Excellence.

Research Interests: 
Modeling biological systems, focus human immune sysems
​​Joey Tan 

Research Associate
Complexity Institute


Research Interests: Modeling the real world phenomena or interactions into mathematical model for optimization purpose. Biomechanical modeling, artificial intelligence, fuzzy systems, machine learning​​

Valentin Melnikov

Research ​Associate
Complexity Institute

Working on: Coupling space and climate models with agent-based pedestrians model in order to answer the main questions of the Cooler Calmer Singapore Impact Project: how particular urban area is perceived by people in terms of their thermal comfort and what makes the urban environment thermally comfortable for citizens of modern and future cities. For the latter question to be answered and better understood, a general system dynamics model based on the complete simulation platform is to be developed.

​​Yi Fangchen
Project Officer
Complexity Institute

Working on: Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)