Visiting Researchers

Dr. Dirk Helbing
ETH Zurich

Complexity Scientist, Physicist, Professor of Sociology in particular of modelling and simulation

Current Work: Extension of the concept of self organization to production of goods ("industry 4.0"), Supply chain management, Economy and Society

Dr. Valeria Krzhizhanovskaya
Associate Professor 
ITMO University

Research Interests: Data-driven modelling, complex multiscale processes, machine learning, early warning systems, computational physics, numerical methods, HPC and cloud computing

Dr. Michael Lees

Assistant Professor 
​University of Amsterdam 

Research interests: I try to understand Urban Complex Systems through the use of data and modelling, current topics include Human Crowds, Transportation Systems and Informal Settlements.


​Dr. Christopher Monterola 

​Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Principal Investigator, Institute of High Performance Computing
Complexity Institute


Research Interests: ​Complex Systems, Statistical and Computational Physics, Avalanche and Granular Dynamics​​
Dr. Rick Quax

Assistant Professor
University of Amsterdam


Current work: Formulating a theory of information processing in complex syst​​ems, more specifically, systems with complex networks of interactions​

mri Har-Shemesh
PhD Candidate
​University of Amsterdam​

Research Interests: Information processing in complex systems, specifically the relation between the geometry of the statistical manifold of information geometry and phase changes or regime shifts in complex systems