Visiting Researchers

Dr. Dirk Helbing
ETH Zurich

Complexity Scientist, Physicist, Professor of Sociology in particular of modelling and simulation

Current Work: Extension of the concept of self organization to production of goods ("industry 4.0"), Supply chain management, Economy and Society

Dr. Valeria Krzhizhanovskaya
Associate Professor 
ITMO University

Research Interests: Data-driven modelling, complex multiscale processes, machine learning, early warning systems, computational physics, numerical methods, HPC and cloud computing

Dr. Michael Lees

Assistant Professor 
​University of Amsterdam 

Research interests: I try to understand Urban Complex Systems through the use of data and modelling, current topics include Human Crowds, Transportation Systems and Informal Settlements.


​Dr. Christopher Monterola 

​Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Principal Investigator, Institute of High Performance Computing
Complexity Institute


Research Interests: ​Complex Systems, Statistical and Computational Physics, Avalanche and Granular Dynamics​​
Dr. Rick Quax

Assistant Professor
University of Amsterdam


Current work: Formulating a theory of information processing in complex syst​​ems, more specifically, systems with complex networks of interactions​

mri Har-Shemesh
PhD Candidate
​University of Amsterdam​

Research Interests: Information processing in complex systems, specifically the relation between the geometry of the statistical manifold of information geometry and phase changes or regime shifts in complex systems

Omri Tal for publicity.jpg

Dr. O
mri Tal
Research Associate
Max Planck Institute (MIS) Leipzig
Visiting research fellow, Complexity Institute


Current work: modelling evolutionary processes under uncertainty (such as adaptive bet-hedging) and population genetic structure using new approaches from information theory, machine learning and growth-optimal portfolio theory.