Affiliated Researchers


Non NTU Community

 Aron Chia.jpg
Eng Seng Aaron Chia
Associate Professor
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
National University of Singapore

Research Interests: Large Scale Systems, Cities and Environment, Systems Dynamics, Complexity and Simplicity
Rohan Williams
Deputy Rese​​arch Director 
Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE)

Research Interests: Transcriptomics, statistical bioinformatics, expression genetics
Roland Bouffanais
Assistant Professor
Engineering and Product Development
Singapore University of Technology and Design
Research Interests:Complexity in Biological, Physical and Engineering Systems
Ijlal Naqvi
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
Singapore Management University

Research Interests: Optimal Control, Dynamics, Networks, Computational Methods 
C. Jason Woodard
Assistant Professor
School of Information Systems
Singapore Management University
Research Interests: ​Technological Innovation and Industry Evolution, Economics of System Design and Competition
Liang Thow Yick
Associate Professor
Strategic Management
Singapore Management University
Research Interests: ​Complexity-intelligence linkage and interconnectivity of intelligence souces in human organizations.
Markus Karner
Adjunct Faculty
Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Singapore Management University
Research Interests: Complexity, Diversity, Ecology, Evolution, Economics

Jiyoung Song
Assistant Professor
Political Science School of Social Sciences
Singapore Management University
Research Interests: Complex Adaptive Systems, Signals/Boundaries Systems, International Relations Theory, Migration and Global Governance
Sorina Litescu
Research Associate
Modelling & Optimisation for Architectures and Infrastructure
Research Interests: Participatory Sensing, Complex Systems, Adaptive Modelling, Dynamical Information, Transport Systems
Heiko Aydt
Principal Investigator
RP 5
Research Interests: ​Agent-based Simulation, Complex Adaptive Systems, Symbiotic Simulation, Evolutionary Computing, Simulation-based Optimizations
Benjamin Grandey
Postdoctoral Associate
Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology
Research Interests: Climate, Aerosols, Clouds, Atmospheric Physics
Ann Florini
Public Policy
Singapore Management University
Research Interests: Global governance, Business and public policy, Energy governance, Transnational civil society, Innovations in governance, China and governance.